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Ok first we will need to download these two things:

Mac Adress Changer: http://dl.qj.net/PSP-MAC-Address-Changer-v2-PSP-Homebrew-Applications/pg/12/fid/12144/catid/151
And Hex Editor http://www.softcircuits.com/cygnus/fe/

Save both to your destop then install the Hex Editor.

Then extract the nokxploit from the Mac Address Changer to your desktop.

Then open up the nokxploit folder on your desktop and there should be a g54macid folder. Then connect your psp and put this folder in your PSP/GAME150.

Then disconnet your psp and go to game/MEMSTICK then g54macid and run it, then hit X and wait for it to dump your mac adress. Once it finishes dumping it should boot you out back to your main menu, then you connect your psp agian and it should have a file called macid.bin in the root of your memory stick.

Now make a file folder on your destop for you and the person your making it for
then drag the macid.bin file into your and the person your making it for's folder.

Then take the one in the person your making it for's folder and right click and click open with then Select Cynus Hex Editor.

Then change your mac address to the persons your making it for then save it.
Then drag that copy to the root of your memory stick then where it asks you to replace click yes.

Now disconnect your psp and go back to g54macid and run it and press L O then wait for it to finish that then connect your psp again and go into PSP then SAVEDATA then cut and paste the UCUS98645 files into your file folder on your destop.

Now disconnect your PSP and run socom then it should say no profile made then you make a profile then run your infinite CE hack then go to profile then profile data then click save.

Then disconnect your psp and go to PSP/SAVEDATA then cut and paste the UCUS98645 folder onto your destop.

Then take that file and depending upon what you use zip it up.

Winrar: Right click and click compress.
WinZip: Make a winzip file by right clicking on your desktop and select new winzip file. Open it and then select update to put your game save in it.

Then go back to your psp and replace the macid.bin with your old one from your folder and replace the UCUS98645 with your old UCUS98645 and then go to the g54macid run it then press L O and you will be back to your old psp, like as if nothing had happened to it.


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