[GUIDE] Unban yourself Rev K and Higher

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[GUIDE] Unban yourself Rev K and Higher Empty [GUIDE] Unban yourself Rev K and Higher

Post by BaBy.j.3.s.U.s on Wed Jun 25, 2008 1:24 pm

This guide will help you get unbanned from socom using nite PR rev k or higher
1. Start up Socom but don't go online
2. Start Nite Pr , press start ( Home button 2x, + and -)
3. Go to PRX by pressing R twice
4. Scroll until you see Corupt PSID? and click on it. The Orange on your PSP should be flickering
5.Get out of Nite Pr
6. Press square to fast login, once you get to User agreement page, decline.
7. Now make a new name or log into a name that isn't banned and your back on


Your old account should take a week before it gets unbanned

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