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Post by BaBy.j.3.s.U.s on Thu Nov 13, 2008 1:58 pm

"Flash0" is where all your PSP's System Files are stored. You can access it by going into recovery mode, you click advanced ->, and then click "Toggle USB (flash 0)". When you do this it will pop up your PSP's Flash Roots Directory. If it doesn't you can reach your PSP's Flash0 root by going to My Computer and clicking the "Removable Disk". It's kind of like opening the MS Root folder. Open the "Flash0" folder the one that should be supplied with the ".rar" THEN drag everything inside of it to the root of your Flash0. If it helps just drag everything in the "MS Root" folder next to the "VSH" folder within your memory stick. So if you are dragging a "VSH" folder You would put it next to your "VSH" folder in your Flash0. This is the root of your Flash0

Guide To Save Space On You Flash 0

gb3s1518.bwfon (1,000 KB) located in flash0:/font can be replaced with a ltn0.pgf (as in take the ltn0.pgf and rename it to gb3s1518.bwfon and replace it.)
jpn0.pgf (1,545 KB) also located in flash0:/font can also be replace with a ltn0.pgf however the following will be missing: (as in take the ltn0.pgf and rename it to jpn0.pgf and replace it.)

*arrows at the bottom of xmb "agreement" screens are blank
*some "tm" signs are blank
*DNAS icon while authenticating is blank.
*Arrow to the right of the On Screen Keyboard is missing.

And for the rest if you still need more space...

##Removes/Disables Camera. XMB Icon does nothing.

flash0:/vsh/resource/camera_plugin.rco 168.8KB

flash0:/vsh/nodule/camera_plugin.prx 77.6KB

##Removes Update functionality. XMB Icon does nothing. Like you wanted it anyway...

flash0:/vsh/nodule/update_plugin.prx 20.0KB

flash0:/vsh/resource/update_plugin.rco 13.6KB

##Removes RSS apparently. Attempting to add a RSS Channel will cause the PSP to crash.

flash0:/vsh/resource/rss_subscriber.rco 11.0KB

flash0:/vsh/nodule/rss_subscriber.prx 10.0KB

##Disable XMB Video Capability. Game Videos still play. XMB Icon does nothing.

flash0:/vsh/nodule/video_plugin.prx 8.8KB

flash0:/vsh/nodule/video_main_plugin.prx 162.3KB

flash0:/vsh/nodule/msvideo_plugin.prx 10.3KB

flash0:/vsh/nodule/msvideo_main_plugin.prx 354.0KB

flash0:/vsh/resource/video_plugin_videotoolbar.rco 78.4KB

flash0:/vsh/resource/video_main_plugin.rco 32.0KB

flash0:/vsh/resource/msvideo_main_plugin.rco 157.1KB

##Disable XMB Audio Capability. Still hear the Click sounds in the XMB. XMB Icon does nothing.

flash0:/vsh/resource/music_main_plugin.rco 177.6KB

flash0:/vsh/nodule/music_main_plugin.prx 366.1KB

flash0:/vsh/nodule/music_common.prx 72.9KB

flash0:/vsh/nodule/music_plugin.prx 10.3KB

##Disables XMB Photo capability. Can still View Pictures on Eboots and Music Album Icons etc.

flash0:/vsh/resource/photo_plugin.rco 124.6KB

flash0:/vsh/nodule/photo_plugin.prx 107.8KB

##Disables/Removes Web Browser
flash0:/vsh/nodule/htmlviewer_plugin.prx 25.2KB

flash0:/vsh/nodule/htmlviewer_ui.prx 200.3KB

flash0:/vsh/nodule/htmlviewer_utility.prx 18.1KB

flash0:/vsh/resource/htmlviewer.fbm 5.2KB

flash0:/vsh/resource/htmlviewer.msg 101.8KB

flash0:/vsh/resource/htmlviewer.res 8.6KB

flash0:/vsh/resource/htmlviewer.snd 31.8KB

flash0:/vsh/resource/htmlviewer_plugin.rco 4.9KB__________________
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