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Post by BaBy.j.3.s.U.s on Mon Dec 22, 2008 6:52 pm

#Black out
0x00503EF8 0x000000BF

#Foggy Room
0x00503EF8 0x00000001

#Depth Room
0x00503EF8 0x00000002

#Foggy see thru
0x00503EF8 0x00000005

#Highlighted Sections
0x00503EF8 0x00000006

#Foggy see thru V2
0x00503EF8 0x00000009

#Depth to Sections
0x00503EF8 0x00000011

#Orange Text
0x00503EF8 0x00000016

#Weapon & person
;Switch to weapons screen
0x00503EF8 0x00000025

#Highlighted BOLD
0x00503EF8 0x0000007D

#Groovy Screen
0x00503EF8 0x000000DF

#Super Highlight BOLD
0x00503EF8 0x000000CD

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