Putting Cheat Master on Any Custom Firmware

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Putting Cheat Master on Any Custom Firmware Empty Putting Cheat Master on Any Custom Firmware

Post by BaBy.j.3.s.U.s on Thu Nov 13, 2008 1:54 pm

Ok download the necessary files HERE:

NOTE: This is Cheat Master version 6-c.

Now open the zip in which you will need Winrar to open.

1.) Open PSP in USB mode.

2.) Go into MS_ROOT.

MS_Root looks like this:

3.) Open the Cheat Master v6-c.zip.

4.) Drag the seplugins and CheatMaster folder into the MS_ROOT. If you have an seplugins folder there already it will ask you to overwrite. Click "Yes to all". If you don't have a seplugins folder then you will not see this message therefor you may continue on.

5.) Exit USB mode.

6.) Turn off your PSP.

7.) Hold the "R" then turn on your PSP while holding the "R" button. Like in the below video for complete N00Bs:


8.) You should be in the recovery menu, now go to plugins.

9.) Enable CheatMaster.prx and you are set, just exit recovery mode and go on Socom.

10.) Press the (-) and (+) buttons and you are set.

More Info:
If you do not understand how to use CheatMaster that's ok, because Sketch from OneHitGamer.com (OHG) made a guide which I have happily uploaded for you guys to view. Here's the link:


Enjoy and happy hacking!

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