RAPID Spec Boot (NO 35)

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RAPID Spec Boot (NO 35) Empty RAPID Spec Boot (NO 35)

Post by 73ĝunty_HuntejZ on Mon Aug 23, 2010 12:20 pm

#RAPID Spec Boot (NO 35)
;Game and Lobby
0x017FFE70 0x00000002
0x005A1450 0x73695600
0x005A1454 0x53207469
0x005A1458 0x6B61656E
0x005A145C 0x646F4379
0x005A1460 0x742E7A65
0x005A1464 0x4E23206B
0x005A1468 0x6F542020
0x005A146C 0x6E694620
0x005A1470 0x65522064
0x005A1474 0x42206C61
0x005A1478 0x73746F6F
0x005A147C 0x41464E23
0x005A1480 0x23212147
0x005A1484 0x204E234E


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