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fake spectator Ejected Empty fake spectator Ejected

Post by arashmh on Mon Feb 15, 2010 12:13 pm

#Fake Spectator Ejected
0x004C396C 0x08FD0000;Send Error Though Switch Side
0x004C3984 0x08FD0000;Send Error Though Text
0x007D0000 0x27BDFFD0
0x007D0004 0xAFA40020
0x007D0008 0x3C0408D6
0x007D000C 0xAFB00024
0x007D0010 0x8C8717C0
0x007D0014 0x27B00020
0x007D0018 0x3C0408D0
0x007D001C 0x34050040
0x007D0020 0x2406FFFF
0x007D0024 0x34080004
0x007D0028 0x02004825
0x007D002C 0x340A0001
0x007D0030 0xAFBF0028
0x007D0034 0x0E23B99F
0x007D0038 0x248444D8
0x007D003C 0x00002025
0x007D0040 0x00002825
0x007D0044 0x00003025
0x007D0048 0x00000000
0x007D004C 0x02003825
0x007D0050 0x8FB00024
0x007D0054 0x8FBF0028
0x007D0058 0x03E00008
0x007D005C 0x27BD0030


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